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February 21, 2015

is Gaelic for Mary

here it’s a name of a silk top

eco printed silk blouse

I printed fabric first, with cotinus, variety of rose leaves and eucalyptus and then hand sewn. I am delighted with this piece. These are my colours and the drape of the silk is just wonderful.



February 19, 2015

I thought if I am using locally sourced plants to print on fabric (or mostly, with exception of silver dollar which is I think from Ireland) I will give the pieces Scottish names. Some are Gaelic and some Celtic. Gaelic is just one of Celtic languages. It is still spoken here in Scotland, mainly on the west coast and western islands. There has been an effort made to keep it alive by opening Gaelic primary school in Inverness; the language is also taught at high school (optional) and the sign posts of towns and villages are both in English and Gaelic in most part of Scotland. It’s a very different language to English, with many consonants and few vowels in words.

MAVOURNA is a Celtic girl’s name meaning little darling.

I printed this little piece of cotton with local eucalyptus windfall, leaves and pods. There was just enough to make a 16 x 16 inch cushion cover and ALMEDA pouch from the previous post.


printed with plants

and back

printed cushion cover


February 14, 2015

from fabrics printed quite a while back

eco print

AIDEEN pouch – Celtic girls name meaning fire

the plants are local, so is the iron bar which helped to bring out some of the colour and left dark, almost black marks as the fabric was wrapped around it

  printing with leaves natural print

ALMEDA pouch – Breton Celtic girls name meaning worthy of love

with the exception of this wool from Julie; here I used what was left after making this skirt

natural dyeing naturally dyed

AILIS pouch - Gaelic girls name meaning noble

work room

January 30, 2015

work room


This is is my work room today. I have the knitting machine on the table again as I wanted to test a new yarn and see if to machine knit a scarf or rather weave it. It’s merino silk 80:20 and after sampling the fabric  seems quite heavy and bulky, perhaps it’s the silk. Even though it’s a very fine 3 ply (5Nm) it would be more suitable for a jumper – the weight makes it drape well.  I will rather weave it.


As I was knitting I was thinking of various ways to make a cloth and how it has different properties depending on the technique. Felted scarves are very lightweight, woven I find have usually beautiful drape. So do knitted and crocheted. The secret is to use the right fibre/yarn and as usual that comes with practice and experience.


Machine knitting is very fast – as long as all goes well. One mistake or not even that, just some tangled thread and all falls from the needles. I have yet to figure out how to load the cloth back, especially if I am at the end of the project. I feel very much I am not in control of the process if there is a machine between me and the material. In felting it’s very hands on. Weaving on a rigid heddle is a bit tedious but once the warp is on there shouldn’t be too many surprises – or so I hope :).


ps: And just in case you have missed my previous posts – the 50 % off discount on tutorials will expire tomorrow and after February 10th I will be removing all my items from red2white shop, except tutorials.

colour block

January 24, 2015

I just wanted to play here with lots of colour and some block building. The fabric is silk remnants I bought long time ago when I was into patchwork and quilting.

When I make pouches I always think of Sonia :).

colour block pouch

patchwork pouch

On another note, I am going to remove almost all items from my red2white etsy shop after February 10th, 2015. The shop will be opened and tutorials will be still available, with one more coming soon.  I am usually commited if I choose to do something.  I have felt for quite a long time that I am not –  I don’t update shop regularly and do all the business stuff which I should… I feel this sitting on a fence takes joy from creating and also ability to focus. It might be just a season or it is the end of one season in my life, time will tell…

If you would like to buy something from the shop, enjoy 10 % off with coupon FEB10. And most of all enjoy your weekend! ox

felt tutorials

January 14, 2015

We woke up into the white morning today, my little dream came true! :)

it's snowing

I was hearing about snow back in Slovakia, seeing snowy photos on blogs and Instagram and wishing very much for it this year. And it’s here – little pleasures :)!

I like both – to be out and feel it falling on me and hearing under my feet. And to be in and admire the views. I still like to look up and watch how it slowly gravitates feeling as if I was being lifted up… And I like January –  post Christmas quietness and almost emptiness. The snow outside makes it less blue and more cosy. The whole atmosphere calls for trying something new.

If you would like to try a new felt project I have just reduced all my tutorials. They are half price till the end of January.

felt flower brooch

Hydrangea, felted flower brooch

felt brooch

Sculpted felt brooch

felt candleholdern lantern




natural home – a way with roses

January 9, 2015

I like having plants and flowers in the house and don’t like to part with them. I often keep cut flowers in a vase after their best time  and enjoy watching the way they change . rose bunting b So when a rose bouquet wilted I just tied it tight at the bottom and hang up upside down to dry fully. We used to do this a lot at home. We would incorporate them into dry flower arrangements, wreaths or let them just as they were, upside down for a bit of a shabby chic look. Far away in the romantic days I would get bouquets with 20+ roses… you couldn’t just bin that, could you? :)   recycled rose petals1   As I was taking my dry roses down some of the petals fell off so I freed others from the stem. They are beautiful. The shape, the colour variation across each single petal, the subtle structure of the veins…. I threaded them into small bunting. And the rest waited to decorate our table at Christmas.  This way they could be used all year round and on many other occasions. You don’t need many, just a few. Exposed to the (day)light they tend to turn brown after some time so I store mine in a glass jar in the cupboard.   repurpused

ps: petals dried naturally stay more open, those dried on or close to a heating source curl up much more and become smaller

roses b


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