Four Sisters

Hello! It’s still summer school holidays here, minus the summer. I have promised (myself) to finally do some DIY in the house at this time of the year as I tend to have bigger blocks of time free when children have no activities in the afternoons/evenings to drive them to and fro. And very soon we are expecting lovely family visitors as well which will be  perfect excuse for short trips around and to the nature. So there has not been much textile related creativity, except dipping fibres of all sorts into my indigo vat. In fact, now I have two, one for very light blues and another for dark shades. I will show you later.

Today, photos from the last lot of items made from eco printed fabric, some from long time ago. I sew them back in June and they are now in the Gallery on The Skye, I have just been slow at editing pictures.









eco printed









  1. You make awesome stuff. The purses are simply bounty of nature turned from your hands. Enjoy summer time and precious moments with family.

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