This first linen cushion cover is another in my Memory of the Place series. I mordanted the fibre in the North Sea on a rare beautiful summer day and printed it with flowers and leaves collected from around the beach.


linen cushion cover


The following fabrics were printed with plants growing literally at my doorstep

silk cushion cover


silk pillow


cotton pillow


I feel somewhat tired, almost like spent. I have noticed that dyeing tends to spur me creatively, sewing – as much as I like it – seems to spend it. Another thing I have recently noticed is how at times I don’t like the slow side of the techniques I use. It’s as if I couldn’t express myself quickly enough because I am using wrong language. It comes and goes, more often when I am making utilitarian pieces.



  1. i know what you mean about the slowness! I LOVE the way i do things, especially the end result, but the time needed, ah the time……..

      1. oh definitely! I go through periods where i zip (as much as is possible by hand…) and others when i can barely lift the needle…..there’s a fine line between resting and frustration!

  2. The results of your work are stunning.
    Your clothing, pillowcases, and art books are unique and precious.
    I know what you mean about sewing though.
    I’ve always preferred hand sewing.
    The machine infuriates me!!

    1. Oh, Jo, I do like hand sewing but for boring seams machine is a blessing :)! And thank you for your very kind words! You see, your morning exercises, how cool is that that you can release your energy instantly with brushes and paint!

  3. stunning work, I love to dye with natural materials. I get so excited because to me it’s an experiment every time. Thing is the pieces sit in a pile because I never get around to doing anything with them

    1. Thank you! I feel the same, dyeing and printing has this right amount of tension where things can work out perfect – or not so. But I can’t live with things piling up around me 🙂

  4. Very beautiful…I am trying to achieve the same using a hemp/cotton blend fabric. How long did you pre-mordant the linen in the ocean?

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