Printing on Paper

I have been printing with plant pigments on paper over the past few weeks. You can see some of the results on my Flickr

I seem to be going in gentle circles: after I have printed images which are more abstract, more play of shapes and colour I shift to prints which are more defined, detailed and true to a real leaf – just to find myself longing for more abstract, impressionistic images again.

Bellow is a print on card and silk

abstract print

leaf print

I am enjoying this inner communication with inspiration. It’s almost as if I was following something outside me and yet it is my true self; paying more attention to what I really like, what stirs me emotionally, makes me want to have a second, third look… to stare, to stop – what makes me happy and content at the end of the process/job done.

I have noticed my blog being still visited quite a lot with new subscribers as well – hello :)! I will occasionally post here, just to summarize maybe what I have been doing over a longer period of time, otherwise I post mainly on Flickr and Instagram.


  1. Please consider continuing your blog! Oh wait… I just found you on Facebook! You have lovely work and eco-dyeing interest is growing wildly. Glad to have found you!

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