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October 31, 2014

New addition to the Nest collection, throw pillow handfelted from merino wool and angora. It’s angora which gives this wool cushion colour – varying from light to mid grey and light to mid brown. And since it’s classified as hair, not wool (wool coming only from sheep), it gives the surface lovely fuzzy finish.


throw pillow case


wool felt cushion


wool felt pillow


available to order


nest/felt cushions

October 24, 2014

Part of the Nest collection – cushion covers created around the idea of nest as a cosy, safe, welcoming and warm place.


Felted from merino wool with rich silk and bamboo texture in the middle.


wool pillowcase

wool cushion


and two similar in coral pink, dyed with madder and cochineal


pink wool cushion

already listed

the following is available and will be in the shop soon

felted cushion

textured pillow

wool wall haning

October 10, 2014

This is part of a small collection    N E S T   –  felted pieces for home. Felted from wool sourced in UK.

wool tapestry

wool felt wall hanging


October 6, 2014
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I think oneness is a beautiful thing.




This is an-going theme; I am drawn to this word and concept:

The human desire to belong, to be part of, to be in,

not only physically but also the inner desire for mutual understanding, the total relaxation which is found in friendship and marriage..

The elements which constitute oneness and unity, but also what disturbs & breaks it.

How it manifests itself.





Few descriptions from The Free Dictionary which I like -

  • the state of being one, united, in agreement
  • wholeness
  • a state or condition of perfect harmony or accord
  • unison; agreement: oneness of mind
  • unity of thought, feeling, aim, etc.; harmony; concord.



merino wool, silk, horse hair

felt & stitch



September 24, 2014

I have been felting again for some time now but am behind with taking photos. I hope to catch up on this front soon.

And when I go back to felt I go back to the wool as it is. I like to work with whites and grey so so very much!

Here is FOG, an infinity scarf made of finest merino, silk and alpaca. It’s now available and can be made in other sizes and also as an open scarf.

When I exhaust all colours which natural fleeces provide I hope to start adding colour to these.



and a process image





September 11, 2014


I have been working on new homeware pieces in this colours, the dusky coral/pink is madder/cochineal dyed, the rest is naturally coloured fibre, merino, angora and silk.


September 10, 2014

Encouragement for today



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