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July 22, 2014

rose pink scarf

large silk pongee scarf

ultra lightweight and thin

fuchsia pink scarf

large wool gauze scarf

soft and cuddly


both dyed with cochineal

as it is rather precious dye stuff, I extracted as much colour using this simple setting – a nylon tight secured with elastic band

I simmered the powder in a little water and strained the liquor, repeating this several times

the same can be used for any powdery dye stuff

extracting natural dye




eco print/links

July 17, 2014

I know that many of you, my readers are interested in eco printing. Here are few interesting links:

Elena from The Procrastinator Dyer’s Diary shows how she bundles her eco prints

Irit from Gaia’s Echo uses brushes to enhance her prints

Terrie explains how she recycled iron rich fabric and got sharper prints from eucalyptus and rose leaves.


and for a tribal look

July 16, 2014

 fuchsia pink silk chiffon scarf dyed naturally

Hot pink silk scarf

tribal necklace

Glass and metal beads with cotton tassels strung on double cotton cord into bright tribal statement piece.

bright tribal necklace

silk chiffon scarves

July 15, 2014

in two subtle colours

The Coral Scarf is dyed with little madder and the Grey Scarf is eco print using local plants, mainly rose and cotinus. Now available.

coral scarf

eco dyed scarf

naturally dyed scarves

The summer holidays have started. It brings a new challenge to keep the right balance between making and making nice memories.

red wool scarf

July 4, 2014

Large wool scarf in mat raspberry red, dyed with brazilwood. Available here.

merino wool scarf


red scarf


July 3, 2014

naturally dyed scarves


I think of my blog as a visual diary of what I have made, either the process or finished pieces. I would prefer if it was much more chronological, but often fail. It’s because of my varied interests and also because I often work on few projects at the same time but don’t post  here feeling it would appear too random and haphazard - and then stop posting altogether. I want to change this on both ends. To focus more and stop thinking too much about the disorder of the posts.

So while I have been felting and am still testing and sourcing fibres, these scarves have been in the dye pot and waiting for the right moment and especially enough light to be photographed. They will come to the shop soon.



June 17, 2014




refined – *precise to a fine degree  * subtle   *elegant  *polished  *urban  *sophisticated  *genteel  *stylish


I have been thinking about this in connection with felt. It’s a word that resonates in me after I attended a workshop on fashion and interior trends organized by Emergents and presented by lovely Anne Ritchie.



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