on yellow

Recently, I came across a short interview with Jonathan Saunders.  When asked which colour is his favourite he chose yellow: ‘It’s a colour that can alter the mood of anything; if you have a palette and you add yellow, it just changes it.


Do you like yellow? Which yellow? Do you wear it? Is it in your home?


pomegranate yellow b

yellow extracted from pomegranate


  1. I love yellow!
    And now I know what to do with all of the pomegranate peels that I have been saving! 🙂
    I hope to do some dyeing tomorrow with snakeweed….. to save some of the autumn sunshine we are having. A glorious yellow.

      1. I picked the snakeweed today….. it’s in the pot!
        Now to weave up a quick mohair shawl to dye in it!
        You got that color of yellow from just three pieces of fruit?! Wow. I have the peels saved from that many already…. but I might wait and eat more first. 🙂
        I have a tree in my yard, it’s still fairly young so I don’t have a lot of pomegranates on it….. but every year I get more!

  2. I used not to like yellow so much, and not wear it much at all neither, but since I started natural dyeing a handful of years ago, it slowly but surely entered my life again. I have a rosemary tie-dyed tee shirt that I love (not too soft, not too bright), but I also love the mustard yellow I got with Italian buckthorn, though I don’t have a piece of clothe dyed with it. oxox

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