Web Spins/February

As I mentioned in my previous post Marian and me hope to dedicate more time to spinning this year. Here is the list of ladies who have expressed interest in the Web Spins challenge.

Mariana from Florcita

Fiona from loveFibre

Deanna from Eclectic-Meanderings

Lesley from Leisurely Lesley

Veronika from VeronikaRybnickova

I am late this month with my first yarn, my hands were too busy packing, cleaning, unpacking, my head spinning from all the chores around moving a house. Now it’s time to slow down on the house front and pick up my ‘spindle’ again. I am going to have a room for myself; it will be amazing, no more fighting over a dinner table.  It’s still full of boxes with my books and stash, but I am working my way “towards it”.




This was a lovely discovery – mature acer shrub/tree in the garden =  plenty of material for printing.

acer bud


  1. oooh…sounds like so much fun. i will be watching and learning.
    and congratulations on the new home…there is nothing like having your own space to create. x

  2. Ooooh Monika, you moved ! I didn’t know ! (sorry I must have missed it) Congratulations on the new home ! It must feel sooooo good ! 🙂 The glimpse at your space looks really beautiful ! Warm hugs from cold southern France (for once !)

  3. What a wonderful idea! I went back & read your previous post so perhaps I’ll challenge myself to dig out my copy of the book & get busy. We’re about to start lambing here so it might be a good way to pass some waiting time 😉 Can’t wait to see your results.

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