project House & Web Spins

We were house hunting for over a year. Now we are in the final phase, moving. It’s been quite a project and took a lot of time and energy – and still will take until ‘dust’ settles.

I thought I could use this little time I have here and there for learning something new. Last year we were talking with Marian from Florcita about exploring spinning and decided to set a challenge for us and anyone else who would like to join in. Marian came up with this good name – Web Spins and we chose to follow the book by Jacey Boggs, Spin Art. We have no financial or other gain from choosing or promoting the book in this way – we just both like it.

web spins

The aim is to improve our basic spinning and learn new spinning techniques to be able to create various types of textured yarns. If you have the book (which comes with a helpful DVD), perfect, if not, then we will both list techniques from individual chapters on our blogs and you might be able to find info and videos on them either on-line or in other spinning books. Because of our busy schedule the pace will be relaxed to start with- just one technique a month. Later, if we can, we can do more. We will do a blog post about our results around the 15th of each month and in the meantime spin as much or as little as we can. If you don’t have a blog, you can post elswhere – Flickr, Facebook… If you would like to join and would like others to know, leave a comment either here or on Marian’s blog and we can create some sort of list of ‘web spinners’.

The first chapter is called WRAPS and includes the following techniques:

  1. Racing Stripe
  2. Autowrap
  3. Tornado

The second chapter, CORESPINNING, includes:

  1. Basic Corespinning
  2. Cocoons
  3. Tailspinning
  4. Extreme Tailspinning

Let the wheel spins then!

PS: I think it’s easier to spin these on the spinning wheel, but if you use a spindle you will know how easy or difficult it would be to use it for the techniques.


  1. I’d love to do this – I have the book and took it away with me on an art retreat in the autumn to work through some of the techniques but haven’t had time to practice them or learn more since coming back. I have even less time over the next few months as as DD2 is getting married in April but I would still like to join in!
    All the best with the move and enjoy your new home.

  2. I’ll try to leave a comment again. I am definitely interested but not sure if I am ready as I am a late bloomer with regards to spinning. But I may give it a go.

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