looking back

As I wrote on Sunday my blog and blogging life is about 1 year old these days. And as usual, I almost missed this anniversary. It happened couple of times, that I did not realize it is my birth-day, until someone reminded me on that very day. The last time I remember it was a card from a clothing retailer Matalan, which came exactly on my birthday, wishing me all the best… 🙂

I have been writing this post in my mind for quiet a few times now;  from ‘I have got so much to tell you!’ to ‘well, it was yestarday, let’s talk about today…’. But maybe, it will be interesting to go back in a history a little, because, whenever I think about my blogging beginnings it brings me back to my on-line beginings and how it influenced my life.

I have started to appreciate internet when we moved over from Slovakia to Scotland more than three years ago. It became our best friend in need. Whatever I needed to know about our new home was there. Yet, the only site which I would check regularly was BBC – Weather 🙂 – to know where to hang the many washings and what programme to make for the girls.

About  two years ago when all my interest was in contemporary embroidery I stumbled accross Downunderdale blog, written by an Australian textile artist and found a link to Sharon B’s blog. It was right at the beginning of TAST challenge which she ran at that time and that’s where I learned about Flickr as well and signed up, because I wanted to comment on some people’s work. These are the first pictures which I sent to my Flickr account few months later, when I took an on-line class with her, exploring some of the basic stitches:


I did another course with Sharon later in the summer 2007 and added some more pictures and followed her blog, otherwise, I was not active on-line (blessed times -she thinks sometimes :). When she announced Take it Further Challenge a year ago, i decided to join and set up this blog to document my progress in this challenge. I have really enjoyed it and managed to make something for 9 moths out of 11.

Then, back in February, I met Caroline and she kindly showed me how to felt. All my creative cells woke up, to me it was an absolute magic that from such a fluffy and fine fibre I could create a cloth, design it’s texture, colour, or make 3D. The process still fascinates me and I often remind myself that I need to stand back and look at it also (only) with eyes of a viewer, not a maker.

I turned my first felt into a purse – and sold in my Etsy shop which I set up in the same months. I saw it as an outlet for anything I made ‘just because’, but spent all my energy learning about felting and dyeing. Since September this year, when the younger daughter reached the nursery age and I have got a bit more time, I have decided to make to sell and see if this could be my occupation in the future. It is an interesting experience about which I might  write some other day.



Lately, I have joined Twitter and must say, I really enjoy this type of social networking. It is quick and keeps me in touch with my on-line friends.

And here is a bit of the statistics: Total views: 14,012, 122 posts, 463 comments. I don’t think blogging is my strong point, I would like my blog to be more than another Flickr where I just post images of my work or place where I write about myself. I have learnt enormous amount of information thanks to internet and would like to contribute to this massive information bank as well. Time is my enemy at the moment and if I am to choose between blogging and making  I go for the later, because … I need to.


5 thoughts on “looking back

  1. what a gorgeous purse!
    Congrats on the blog-anniverssary. I tend to forget days like this as well. My blog in spanish has been online for 4…5 years? dunno… i always forget.
    Anyway, I think we have all benefited from the internet. If one spends enough time here, we find info, friends and inspiration. Great!

  2. Monika it was so interesting to read about your internet ‘history’. Looking at the beautiful (and masterful) work you produce it’s hard to recall you were just discovering feltmaking such a short time ago. I think you’re so right to focus on making if you can’t fit everything in. And happy blogging birthday 🙂 your blog is an inspiration to me.
    Fiona x

  3. Fiona, THANK YOU, you have encouraged me many times with your comments, just as today!

    and Marian, you are so right, how on earth would I got to know you, for example! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments and I am pleased to hear that you r online life has been such fun. People who do not participate in the groups and challenges etc simply do not understand how much fun it can be. Of course it would be more wonderful if everyone could meet face to face but that is not possible so we have to enjoy this sort of communication instead and it actually works very well once you get the hang of it.
    Congrats on your blogaverssary too!

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