Sewing Friday

On Friday’s in the morning I go to a local multicultural sewing group called Common Threads. Multicultural because our members are both local as well as from abroad and as far as eg. Jordan or India and Common Threads beacuse what we have in common is love of threads and fibres. We have participated in two bigger projects, one called The Other Side of The Air and the other was making two (one is this quilt), both made for the community center where we meet. Otherwise, we teach ourselves our traditional embroidery or other craft techniques or just make things to give or sell.

Since september we have been making things to sell at a craft fair organized by the community center. It took place last week and you can read more about it also at Caroline’s blog.

I have made these red2white Christmas cards and took along some of the candleholders as well.




It seems, that except Caroline, no one has ever thought of bringing camera and taking pictures of the things we made, so I have nothing else to show you. But, nothing is lost, we did not sell all and I might still take some and post!

Enjoy your weekend!


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