W for Warm

It is quite funny how many words beginning with “w” are up-to-date. W for words, winter, warm, white, wool, wellies, wet, windy; maybe, I should play with this letter this month more since This month the  (Take it futher) challenge is to use typography “. I can already see a zig-zag stitch there :D!

I am running out of breath a little bit as for the TIF. I have come up with nothing much for October. We were to “think about your textile work space. How do you feel about this space? What role does it play in your life?”

I am very thankful for my working space, it is the biggest kitchen we have ever had :). I call it with a posh name “studio”, it’s about attitude, isn’t it?!  And although it is still too small to what I would like/need, I love that space because it enables me to be creative.  That’s where I cook food for our bodies, that’s where I cook for/feed my soul. I keep it as clutter-free as possible, so that I have SPACE to create and dream – among other things about a bigger space :).

I would love to have a dry and a wet studio one day. Or at least these two corners in one big room, where I could dye and felt and have all what I need at my hand. And in the other corner I would have my sewing machines and cutting table. It means we would have to have bigger house (one room just for my and my husband’s books, please). ..So I thought I could try to felt a small house with a roof and turn it into a door-stop. I still have to make a resist before I can embark on felting though. Mmm, if I incomporate some typography, I might kill two flies with one blow.

I was going to write about  warm woolly slippers for wet and windy winter, but – it is too late, so let’s leave it for tomorrow. Have a look what I was doing in my studio today…


x + y felted soaps in a nice woolly jumpers for a local shop.


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