W for wool, W for winter

With the coming winter and Christmas in mind I have counted I need to felt 7 scarves, 1 beret and two baby booties. Plus my younger daughter placed an ordered two: slippers and gloves, please. Plus I need to make (not felt) a skirt or two for me, winter jacket for me and the older daughter and some kind of thicker cardigan for the wee one. Plus I am behind with Take it Further Challenge… And this is just the beginning of winter – and beginning of my wish-to-do-list. I am almost sure I will felt all what can be felted, about the rest – well, we shall see.

I was curious how bamboo (bought from Wingham Wool Works) felts and if there is any difference between this fibre and tencel (=lyocell). I felted these two scarves in white and then dyed with acid dyes bought from Kemtex. It is such a great company to deal with! I had heard a lot of praise about them before my purchase and now can only add mine. I could place my order by phone, it came well packed the day after and whenever I have had any questions regarding dyeing with their dyes they have been very helpful! Pleasure to do business with, really!

Back to felt: I layered fine layer of bamboo (tencel in case of the second scarf), 2 fine layers of merino around 19 micron just in one direction – it makes the felt stretchy in that way and increases dreape – and another fine layer of bamboo (tencel) on the top. Felted and then dyed. The first is combination of mid blue, green and black acid dye = teal, the second one is mid blue and navy.

I don’t see any difference between these two fibres. They both felt in well, they are both shiny and both take up acid dyes, although less than merino does. (And – I can tick off two scarves from my make-for-Christmas list. Both ladies who are going to wear them like blue and classic, hope they will like them.)

 Another thing I wanted to try is to embellish merino with nepps. I have all kinds of them, wool, acrylic and tussah silk ones as well. They are usually little “balls” and often used in spinning to add texture to a yarn. If they are with a little “tail” they are called slubs.

Again I embellished merino with tussah silk nepps/slubs on both sides and felted. Because they are quite smooth they felt in slower and some parts (where they overlap each other) don’t felt in at all and fell off in the process. But just a few. It depends how tedious one is when laying them on merino. First I thought I would dye the scarf with tea but, having the teal one next to it, it seemed this could be a good combination too. And I think it is, more interesting at least than having everything in beige-brown.

The last piece where I used nepps/slubs, this time acrylic, is this cape. One layer merino, one layer angora fibre from rabit and the nepps on the top. They are snow white, that’s why I chose angora so that the whole tning iwould be snow white, not ecru white as merino is.  I still need to finish the bottom edge and make some type of closure. It will keep my younger daughter nice and warm throughout the coming cold season. For the older one I made slippers and gloves. More about it later.


4 thoughts on “W for wool, W for winter

  1. I absolutely LOVE the bblue scarf with brown, grey and white, stunning! The slippers are also lovely, I wish I could felt like that!

  2. Maya, thank you for your praise!

    Bev, that scarf is also my favorite!!! The same taste! And don’t worry, you will felt like taht when your boys grow up a bit!

    Joanna, thank you for your feedback. The scarf is for omama (my husband’s grandma), hope it is not too shiny.

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