How I feel and felt.

The last couple of days I have been studying about feltmaking, different types of wool, sheep breed etc. gathering information or courage? to do more felting. That’s how I work if something is completely new to me. Felting is. The first time I touched merino was at the end of this February. Serious!

So, this is how I feel  and felt – a big head and, well, I am not that thin… The picture draw our younger daughter Mariettka and now I see that Margaretka wrote  a date from a month ago.


I hope to write more info tomorrow.



  1. Be brave make more!
    All you’re stuff is lovely, I will be picking you’re brains on all this new information you are gathering!
    : )

  2. A beautiful, even tight felt ball. That is exactly what it should look like. If you are wanting a book which teaches you from beginner to professional, then buy ‘uniquely felt ‘ by chris white. Its newly out so not avaliable locally, but cheap on amazon. Follow it from front to back and you can’t go wrong.
    Happy felting.

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