More on a bag and denim

a-bag-blog.jpg a-bag2-blog.jpg

Yesterday I wrote about using a flower shape to make a bag. I couldn’t show you better picture because it was still drying and it was drying because… well, because it was wet, of course. But why is something washed right after it is made you may ask?

Well, I have read couple of times in different craft magazines to “fray the edges of denim” if you want to achieve that “fraying” look. So after making the first broch I tried to but it didn’t work at all. Especially with curvy shapes like this and because of warp and weft I was able to pull out only couple of threads.

But I have noticed that the hat frayed in the washing machine quite well (I needed to wash away some “dressmaking” marks that’s why it went to the washing machine) so I did the same with the bag. 

I put it in a pillow case to prevent the lint getting all over the other clothes. You can see the result here


It has frayed probably too much and I will cut a bit away (and iron the bag – not so easy!), however I like the look more now.


And this is the back of the bag. This would be probably my style: just one flower. I somehow like simple designs more and more.

As for the t-shirts, the flowers are bonded with Bondaweb and all the denim I used is recycled from old jeans. For bags, hats and broches this type works the best as it is firm, the one from  denim shirts would be probably the best for bonding on clothes.

The bag and the hat are now listed in my shop.


6 thoughts on “More on a bag and denim

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  2. This is lovely!
    You really have been busy, bags,hats t-shirts,broaches!!
    Wow! you really are bursting with creativity. I hope it’s a sign of spring time.
    see you tomorrow
    Caroline X

  3. Busy, busy! thats spring for you. I realy like the bag. What was it like working with denim? I find it really hard on the fingers. I get stuck with a sahpe sometimes and have to keep using it till I get it out of my head!

  4. Hallo Ladies! I am glad that you like the bag. Shall I list it on my Etsy together with the hat? 🙂

    Because the denim I used was from jeans I gave up any hand stitching. I did few stitches – but only with a help of pliers! and gave up pretty soon. The rest was done on the machine.

  5. What a fabulous bag and I just love all those daisies (although I can imagine how you feel about them at the moment after making SO many!!) I love all the articles you embellished with them – it really is like a special signature item!

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