PS: felt beads

Look what came in the post today! Parcel from Inger who bought some fibre from my Softfibre  etsy shop and she not only paid for it but sent a parcel with the softest merino 16 mic  and optim which she uses in her feltworks + this lovely flower. Don’t we love such customers? 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would show you this also in relation to my previous post on felt beads as you can see here how she used one as the centre and she even incorporated tiny felt strings in the bead, very clever.

inger's flower b

And now few answers to questions in one of the comments:

so, we can use any a bar of soap?
just put it in the bowl or we have to cut it into pieces?

yes, any bar of soap is fine, olive oil soap will be more gentle on hands than other soaps, if it is not too big, put the whole soap in the bowl, if it’s big, cut with a knife smaller piece. If you are going to felt a lot beads in one go, take a soap out after a while, otherwise it will get too soft – but have it on hand.

is there any other way to rolling the bal without using our hand…?
the risk seems terrible..LoL

I know that some people make felt balls in the washing machine, you might like to check this site for more info. Some use needlfelting needles when making balls, finishing them in the soapy water… as I said, there are many ways.

and one question more…
I haven’t known merino…
in form of what when you buy merino or other wooL..?
I mean it is in the form of thread, a piece of fabric like felt or fiber like in the picture and ready to shape?

Merino and other wools are sold in a sliver snake-like form, like on the picture. Usually in 100 gms which is about 4-5 meters, plenty to make full bowl of balls.

merino tops
merino tops


  1. I always partially felt a bunch of balls and then finish them off in the dryer.

    This ball has the threads incorporated into it before felting, by using the needle. And was felted at the same time as the flower..into the flower.

  2. Inger is such a sweetie! She’s super generous with sharing her knowledge and always happy to help out someone!
    What a lovely surprise to get in the mail!

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