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amidst mid-term holidays

October 22, 2009

I have been knitting a little bit and enjoyed every minute of it (didn’t I wrote last year that I can’t imagine me+and knitting?) Nothing can beat the stretch of a knitted cloth! Another nice thing is that one cat put feet up while knitting…:)

knitting socks b

I have also felted more soaps for the local shop Araveli.

soaps b

And made felt necklaces

Autumn, Felt necklace b


felt necklace chunky b

felt necklace b

and how I  enjoyed this two! One of those moments when you all of the sudden know what to do with half finished pieces which have been laying around for, well since spring really. I just sat down one evening and designs started to flow. I have got few more but there was no chance to take more pictures as we were either out or it was too dark.

online friendship

October 18, 2009

I have been following ecco *eco blog for a while and just finished reading the latest post. Among others there is a link to an article about violence and brutal treatment of woman and girls in Congo. What a sad life some (or so many?) people live and how blessed we are to live our days in peace and comfort! I am very thankful for that and wish I could help those poor woman.

I would like to show you today what I received from Marian aka Florcita last week. This lovely felted pendant with a glass! It is very well made and sits comfortably under the neck.

pendant b

Marian is very skilled and talented, she has done a lot of crafts and is not afraid of trying new materials and techniqes. This I received from her back in the summer, after she posted on her blog about wooden buttons she made  and I expressed desire to have some.  I like them very much, also the clay ones!, whenever I look at them I feel like making felted bag, a nice sturdy one.

marian package

She also sells some of her felt, clay and paper work along with her hand dyed and handspun yarns in her Dawanda shop or can be contacted directly via her blog.

Thank you, Marian, for all this little treasures! I enjoy following your work and your comments are always encouragement to me!

Extra long and skinny

October 15, 2009

blue slinky blog

red slinky blog

slinky combo blog

sometimes my own need is an inspiration to me

I rarely go out of the house without a scarf, especially here in Scotland.  And the weather determines it’s size, thickness and materials. I thought I need something for rather warm days with changing temperatures so I made this scarf – in purple for me and these two for my shop – maybe someone else like wearing scarves just like me…

They are very long 286 cm or 113 inch and very skinny 8 cm or almost 3,5 inch. If it is warm I wear them long and like to watch how the wind plays with them, sometimes the ends are all around me, like if the scarf was going to hug me. If it gets cold I wrap them around the neck many times and have a proper scarf.

The scarves are made from merino wool nunofelted into silk ponge, I can’t have enough of this texture! Shiny on the silky side, mat on the woolly, great worn together too.

making warm

October 12, 2009

mg jacket b4This is what kept me busy last week – felted jacket for our older daughter. As they stretch from year to year I always have a list of things I  need to make for them. In fact just making for them  and here and there for myself + making presents would keep me so busy there would be nothing to sell. So, as often, there has to be a compromise.

mg jacket in white b1

At first, I made the jacket in white. It was already well felted and still fitted me! I worried I would overfelt it and it would be too stiff if I felt it further to shrink to my daughter’s size. To avoid this + the fact it fitted me so well I was tempted to keep it for myself. BUT she really needs something warm and I already have a jacket… so I decided to take a risk and kept felting until I reached her size.

mg jacket b1

When it was finished we discussed colours, she wanted bluish – and I dyed it teal. Not that I didn’t like blue, I just didn’t mix the right dye proportions, but she forgave me :). At first she complained that “the sleeves are stiff and it is sooo annoying!”, but then she has been wearing it since I finished it, even inside – so I think it is still a big success!

The jacket is  made of merino wool 21 micron. A disadvantage of dyeing after felting is that I didn’t achieve even colours, instead a marbled effect. It is nice and interesting, showing that the item is handmade, but there are one or two spots where the differences in the hue are greater  than I would like. The buttons are provisional, the brooch is made by one lovely friend from our local sewing group.

mg jacket b2

mg jacket b3

If I was an octopus…

October 6, 2009

…I would felt with two hands, knit with other two, cook with one, crochet with another two … and spin… But I am not so I do one thing at a time.

If I don’ t felt I knit these days. It became cold all of the sudden and there are few things we need. My older daughter “needs something warm on the top”, so I have started knitting cardigan for her. I made quite a progress over the weekend. Since the wool is very chunky I decided to knitt front and back together to avoid bulky seams at least at the sides.

Sirdar Bigga Chunky 50% wool 50% acrylic yarn, 15 mm needles

Sirdar Bigga Chunky 50% wool 50% acrylic yarn, 15 mm needles

no seams at the sides, still tob back missing

no seams at the sides, still tob back missing

cardi b

 Another thing I am making for her is felted jacket, almost finished, still need to dye it tomorrow, together with other scarves, so there is going to be a lot of dyeing soon.

And I need socks. Oh, I have done a lot of thinking on this topic! At times I am so indecisive – I think I am getting old :). Should I knit in white and then dye – ’cause what if I dye and then never finish? But if I first dye I can get nicer colour variation. But it will take time (to make a hank from a ball and then ball from a dyed hank) and I want to knit, I need to get to the heel part before the Thursday when I meet with a knitting experts at our local sewing group. OK, so maybe I could buy yarn in some awasome colours like this or this … but I already have yarn and am able to dye it myself ( and save money says the thrifty me).

I want to knit now and I want to be warm now, so I finally decided to knit in white and bought this socks. 

maybe I will finishe this pair before the next winter comes :) (if I don't become an octopus)

maybe I will finishe this pair before the next winter comes :) (if I don't become an octopus)

I am not an octopus

October 2, 2009

red b

b o blog


crochet b

other than felt projects b

Next to dyeing, carding and felting I have been enjoying crochet, started knitted cardigan – the chunkiest ever – for my older daughter and you see the white yarn and those 4 needles there? I am learning how to knit socks! That’s my latest obsession. I bought a book :) and borrowed ‘a set of 2 double pointed needles’ (doesn’t this already  sound complicated enough? ), went to our local sewing group, had explained how to start, tried not to poke myself, succeeded, borrowed another book, thought if it wouldn’t be better to first buy handmade socks and at-the-same-time knitt my own pair – my feet are fit for some warmth already, thought, maybe,  I should first learn spinning – wouldn’ t that be cool to have socks which I knitted from the yarn I first spun and then hand dyed? Well, it did cross my mind that it would be even cooler to have a fleece from my own sheep…. I must be crazy…

Instead, I attended to my Friday houshold chores… and finished off another batch of felted soaps.

felted soaps b

more dyeing, carding and scarves

September 30, 2009

Over the last two weeks I have spent a lot of time dyeing and carding. I like how subtle colours I can achieve when I card different colours  together.  And then I wanted to see what they look  like when felted. Again, variations of an old concept in new colours.

dyed green b

spag b

this one is made of this handdyed and carded merino fibre, it turned out more brownish then I expected, it could be for Her or Him

bored b

violet b

ropes detail b




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