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December 23, 2009

At the close of another year, I gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

December 1, 2009

Partly inspired by another customer, partly by fibres found or bought and my ongoing interest in shibori technique – that’s behind the following pieces:

Wide bra

Wide bracelet/cuff, merino wool, sequins

Wide shibori bracelet/cuff, merino wool

Black Shabby Chic Scarf/Wrap

AND –  let me THANK YOU for stopping by and leaving all that encouraging comments! It is truly encouraging… ox

Hydrangeas, Felt Cape

November 27, 2009

I was given opportunity to make a felt cape. Short felt cape in blue and green, with a bit of purple, fuchsia and orange. Commissions are not an easy task, but if the bueyr sets “limits” so wide then they are an exciting challenge.

First I was thinking about the colours and how to combine them in some eye pleasing way. I browsed through my pictures and found photos of hydrangeas on my Flickr. I was lucky, there were still many in my friend’s garden and I was able to take more pictures and given some home to study the shape, textures, form – and colour. After playing  with petals I came up with four designs and we agreed that the last one was the strongest. It was going to be a short cape covered densly with hydrangea flowers! Idea was here – but would it work? I made a sample and it did! Now was the time to dye the right colours and felt – and sew on the flowers.

There is 320 small handformed flowers sewn on the teal base cape, almost all of them with one or two beads. Wide bracelet densly embellished with more flowers and beads complements the cape. The cape for a Princess…!

from the process

wet fingers

November 26, 2009

Hello all!

And thank you for all your nice comments on my latest posts! I appreciate them all as I know it takes time to pose and write!

I have done more felting this week, some of it custom order scarves and some cuffs. The whole idea about a cuff or a wide bracelet is rather new to me, in the past I neither wore nor made any, whether from fabrics or felt. But I appreciate how soft and warm they are and I can experiment with different textures and techniques on a small area – and yet make something wearable.

I often come home from a trip with a nice pebble/s, a sea glass, a shell, driftwood and I thought I could preserve some of the memmories I have from nice places we visit by felting around them. This time I made a wide bracelet from grey Shetland wool carded with madder dyed mohair, BFL and soya fibre. There are two pebbles from the Nairn beach  – to balance the bracelet so that whichever way it turns on a hand there is always one stone on the top.

Nairn, chunky felt bracelet/cuff

Shibori is one of the techniques I would really like to explore in felt more. Can you see that little white shell at the bottom? That plus this lichen which grows and falls from the roof of our house hugely inspire me!

Shibori cuff

And – trying to see what’s possible – I attempted yesterday to make a ring. It is completely wetfelted, no cheeting with needles just a lot of fiddling with fingers. I used Falkland wool dyed with gorse. It is coarser then merino, I think around 24-25 micron so it took longer to felt but the finished ring is sturdier thanks to higher micron.

But, what have really kept me busy over the past weeks was this… more about it soon!

Felt Jewellery

November 14, 2009

Do you remember when I made a long felt bead necklace? As it took several hours it made me think how to simplify the design and not to felt off my hands. Here it is, it is not that long and originally I planned to thread the “beads” lenghtwise, which I still might try later, but this time it felt better like this.

orange necklace bchunky pink necklace b

I had the “beads” ready since spring , but threaded them only over the autumn holidays, when there was not much time and space to work bigger. And lately, as I made more felt cords playing with them led me to bangles. Some I embellished with beads, some not, all rather chunky, yet so lightweight thanks to the material used – just extra fine merino wool, handformed with soap and water. The beads are securely attached on two or three sides of the bangles so that whichever way they turn on a hand they are always visible.

bangles b1

And a completely different style – cuffs with stones from around Scotland – preserving memories.

stone cuffs b

Some of the stones are from Loch Ness, some from a beautiful Isle of Iona on the west coast. We were there in the summer, just for a few hours and although the Isle is small, there was so much to see! Moreover, the weather was just beautiful, which was a special bonus since, as you rightly guess, it doesn’t happen often here in Scotland. The day after it was pouring rain and so foggy one wouldn’t see “the end of his nose”.

Iona b

The Isle of Iona has a very interesting history too. “In 563 Saint Columba, also known as Colm Cille, was exiled from his native Ireland as a result of his involvement in the Battle of Cul Dreimhne,[21] and founded a monastery on Iona with 12 companions. From there they set about the conversion of pagan Scotland and much of northern England to Christianity. Iona’s fame as a place of learning and Christian mission spread throughout Europe and it became a major site of pilgrimage. Iona became a holy island where several kings of Scotland, Ireland and Norway came to be buried.” (Wikipedia)

Things handmade

November 6, 2009

metalic 4b

nunofelted scarf, probably the longest I have ever felted as it measures 280 cm or 112 inch

 merino felted in cotton cloth with a silver metallic thread

Cobweb felt workshop

November 6, 2009

Last weekend I was at the workshop organized by our local feltmakers group. The tutor was Jenny Mackay and one of the technique she specializes is cobweb felt. We were going to make a cobweb jacket but as I have got a felt jacket already I thought I could try something different and opted for a tunic dress.

dress 1b

Again, it was very inspiring. The colours, fibres and the method which Jenny uses plus seeing other felters working. It was very exciting to see all kinds of various jackets popping up towards the end of the two days.

dress detail b


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