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Flickr Favorites Tuesday – Icicles

January 12, 2010

It happens sometimes that I think of a certain shape and then I start seeing it around. This icicles remind me of dreads and open new design possibilities.

Recently, I have started to write  a list of words which I find interesting/inspiring/intriguing. I like to Google images realted to them or search them on Flickr. Talended Mitsy from ArtMind has organized a Flickr Favorites Tuesday on her blog over the past months and I would like to join in here and there. This is my first contribution :).

Textures and colours from nature

January 11, 2010

A request from a customer led me back to natural dyes and textured fibres. I have enjoyed working on the following pieces so very much! I feel that all the textured fibres like silk or wool nepps or curly wools, they all go very well with natural rather than synthetic dyes. It has been quite challenging to dye naturally in this weather though. I have saved my mordanted water as well as my not fully exhausted dyebaths in the buckets and right now all of them sit frozen in the shed. And someone in the house rightly said that it feels like in the laundrette :)!  But it is possible, step by step, mordanting and exhausting dyes one day, dyeing next one…

Two scarves with maximum texture, the second one dyed with onion skins.

Small collection of two layered scarfs.  The first layer is from merino embellished with texture, the second are long dreads. Dyed with brazilwood, the last one in natural greys.


Cuffs and collars in shibori technique dyed with onion skins and brazilwood.

Felt bracelet mainly naturally dyed, except the blue and the brick red one.

Uf! I didn’t realize I haven’t posted my work here for sooo long! Here is the last piece, very shabby chic distressed scarf/wrap/skirt which was inspired by ripped plastic bags trapped on a fence and the overal shape of clouds. It is dyed with synthetic dyes.  I hope to go back to this design sometimes soon.

Mmm ???

January 9, 2010

We have got this much snow

my heart leapt when I saw this plough yesterday, it meant that binmen might come too and we will be able to use the car again!

 but the gorse, one of the most available natural dye in Scotland, doesn’t seem to mind, neither the low temperatures.

gorse bush today

Just yesterday I made a scarf from merino dyed last spring with this beautiful yellow dye!

I know that yellow is not everyone’s favorite , but I have always liked it so much!

Happy New Year!

January 9, 2010

Happy New Year to all of you! Let it be better than the previous one, filled with good health and success and laughter!

Thank you very much for your good wishes – we have had really really lovely time over the holidays and it seems to continue. It is  so nice to pause, spend more time together – it feels like being on holidays although we always stay at home. And this year it was with extra bonus – the Christmas and New Yeas was very white – and it is getting even whiter! So instead of making small trips around as we did last year we have been forced to stay at home and explore nearby slopes :).

December 23, 2009

At the close of another year, I gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

December 1, 2009

Partly inspired by another customer, partly by fibres found or bought and my ongoing interest in shibori technique – that’s behind the following pieces:

Wide bra

Wide bracelet/cuff, merino wool, sequins

Wide shibori bracelet/cuff, merino wool

Black Shabby Chic Scarf/Wrap

AND –  let me THANK YOU for stopping by and leaving all that encouraging comments! It is truly encouraging… ox

Hydrangeas, Felt Cape

November 27, 2009

I was given opportunity to make a felt cape. Short felt cape in blue and green, with a bit of purple, fuchsia and orange. Commissions are not an easy task, but if the bueyr sets “limits” so wide then they are an exciting challenge.

First I was thinking about the colours and how to combine them in some eye pleasing way. I browsed through my pictures and found photos of hydrangeas on my Flickr. I was lucky, there were still many in my friend’s garden and I was able to take more pictures and given some home to study the shape, textures, form – and colour. After playing  with petals I came up with four designs and we agreed that the last one was the strongest. It was going to be a short cape covered densly with hydrangea flowers! Idea was here – but would it work? I made a sample and it did! Now was the time to dye the right colours and felt – and sew on the flowers.

There is 320 small handformed flowers sewn on the teal base cape, almost all of them with one or two beads. Wide bracelet densly embellished with more flowers and beads complements the cape. The cape for a Princess…!

from the process


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