spring prints

I still keep thinking  about Modrotlac/Blueprint, especially in relation to other resist techniques. I am intrigued by it’s origin and how and when it started to be practiced in Europe. I hope to do more reading when the time allows and write about the findings here. In the meantime…

I was in the middle of dyeing and printing – and then we left for Slovakia. So this is part of what I have been working on since the mid March.

I used restricted number of plants and dyes – the nature here is still just awakening. Rather than changing plants I used various mordants and dyed at different temperatures. There is still so much to explore. The colours are lighter and brighter which made me smile when I unbundled the first piece as I wasn’t planning for this. Well, I wasn’t really planning at all, I just had this ‘what if’ approach, made a sample and worked from there, changing one element of the process at a time.


Silk chiffon, logwood and cochineal, rust

silk chiffon scarf

grey and orange silk chiffon scarf

 Silk chiffon, logwood and eucalyptus

summer cowl

Summer scarves and cowls in raw silk, printed with rose leaves, onion skins, cotinus and eucalyptus

summer silk cowl


summer silk scarf


summer cowl


maple pouch

pouches in linen and cotton



This and more is now available through a newly opened textile gallery on The Isle of Skye. Just when I thought of not making to sell anymore I got the invitation to sell there. The Gallery has been opened for less than couple of months and it has so far proved to be a good venue for my naturally dyed, printed and felted work.  I enjoy this new way of working very much. It enables me to focus much more on the creative side of the business while someone else takes care of selling.




  1. These are all lovely Monika!
    I’m happy you found the textile gallery, now you can play…… and they can sell for you! Perfect!
    I am not fond of the selling side of it either.
    But the playing is divine!

  2. Oh isn’t that a wonderful news ! I’m so glad for you ! I love everything but my heart beats faster when I see the ones with little pops of yellow !! Excellent work, Monika !! xoxo

    1. Thank you, yes, i always use mordant, i think it is a key in a successful transfer of pigment to fibre. And i often cure mordanted fibres for quite a long time, months or even a couple of years.

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