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Dyer in me is always delighted when I get clearly defined shapes of plants on fabric; as  a designer/maker it’s abstract and organic patterns which make my heart skip a beat. This is something I would love to explore more in the future, either by dyeing/eco printing or other techniques.


The effect you see here I created by crushing dry plants and then eco printing them on silk. The colours are muted and for a while I wasn’t sure what to do with the cloth, esp. how to make the most of the pattern which varies across it and generally, how to minimize the waste. When you spend days waiting for the pigment to bond with the fibre and then weeks/months before washing so that the colours are fast, you really don’t want too many remnants..!


Eventually I settled on the idea of a large size dress which could  be worn as a tunic  or just a knee length number and adapted pattern I drafted for this printed tunic. Only later I added straps at the waist and to my delight they have made the dress very versatile. Worn lose it will fit bigger sizes, tied tighter, at the back or even at the front, it suddenly fits  size M-S without looking big and baggy!


Free offer of the pattern for the dress is now closed. The pattern will be available from my shop later in March.


shibori pattern *

print and pattern


silk dress


eco print dress


19 thoughts on “print & pattern

  1. Beautiful! All the subtle colours and details. I enjoy the combination of considered order and the flow of chance in your prints and in what you make with them.

  2. Most generous to share the pattern,I would like to have it to make the most of the fabric I have Eco printed

  3. Oh yes, please Monika, I’m interested ! You know how much I admire your handmade wardrobe (and I’m not the only one !!) Thank you so very much !
    Have a beautiful weekend ! xoxo

  4. Monika- I think the “crushing” takes this gorgeous eco print from ‘vegetable’ to almost ‘animal’ in appearance. Perhaps with leaf pulverization, you could achieve ‘mineral’?!? 🙂

  5. Wow, the printed impressions on this fabric are so interesting and well established – what a labour of love. Beautiful! Your generous offer of the pattern is timely for me as I too have a length of fabric I’ve laboured over too, and want to use without cutting too much off. Mine is nunofelt using a layer of very finely laid out kingfisher blue wool fibres sandwiched between a length of vintage silk sari fabric and a length of fine chiffon. It took a long time to lay out the fibres and a lot of elbow-grease to felt it but the result is a fabulously floaty, light crinkled material which I’d like to make into a loose dress. Thankyou for coming up with the ideal pattern just at the right moment! X

  6. Your work is absolutely stunning!! Love the abstract and organic ‘pattern’ achieved with the crushed plants also. Do you have a favorite plant for eco dyeing? I think this would be a great lesson for children gardeners!!

    I’m not much of a seamstress, but, I would wear your dress in a heartbeat. I would love to attempt a similar project… so, if you are so generously sharing, I thank you sincerely!!

  7. Looks really beautiful, and thanks for your kind offer of sharing, I would like to take you up on this if I may.

    Kind regards,from Ilse

  8. I like to thank you for your inspiration and beautiful prints. And I love to accept the offer of the pattern of the dress. So yes please! Best regards

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