I thought if I am using locally sourced plants to print on fabric (or mostly, with exception of silver dollar which is I think from Ireland) I will give the pieces Scottish names. Some are Gaelic and some Celtic. Gaelic is just one of Celtic languages. It is still spoken here in Scotland, mainly on the west coast and western islands. There has been an effort made to keep it alive by opening Gaelic primary school in Inverness; the language is also taught at high school (optional) and the sign posts of towns and villages are both in English and Gaelic in most part of Scotland. It’s a very different language to English, with many consonants and few vowels in words.

MAVOURNA is a Celtic girl’s name meaning little darling.

I printed this little piece of cotton with local eucalyptus windfall, leaves and pods. There was just enough to make a 16 x 16 inch cushion cover and ALMEDA pouch from the previous post.


printed with plants

and back

printed cushion cover


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