work room

work room


This is is my work room today. I have the knitting machine on the table again as I wanted to test a new yarn and see if to machine knit a scarf or rather weave it. It’s merino silk 80:20 and after sampling the fabric  seems quite heavy and bulky, perhaps it’s the silk. Even though it’s a very fine 3 ply (5Nm) it would be more suitable for a jumper – the weight makes it drape well.  I will rather weave it.


As I was knitting I was thinking of various ways to make a cloth and how it has different properties depending on the technique. Felted scarves are very lightweight, woven I find have usually beautiful drape. So do knitted and crocheted. The secret is to use the right fibre/yarn and as usual that comes with practice and experience.


Machine knitting is very fast – as long as all goes well. One mistake or not even that, just some tangled thread and all falls from the needles. I have yet to figure out how to load the cloth back, especially if I am at the end of the project. I feel very much I am not in control of the process if there is a machine between me and the material. In felting it’s very hands on. Weaving on a rigid heddle is a bit tedious but once the warp is on there shouldn’t be too many surprises – or so I hope :).


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