colour block

I just wanted to play here with lots of colour and some block building. The fabric is silk remnants I bought long time ago when I was into patchwork and quilting.

When I make pouches I always think of Sonia :).

colour block pouch

patchwork pouch

On another note, I am going to remove almost all items from my red2white etsy shop after February 10th, 2015. The shop will be opened and tutorials will be still available, with one more coming soon.  I am usually commited if I choose to do something.  I have felt for quite a long time that I am not –  I don’t update shop regularly and do all the business stuff which I should… I feel this sitting on a fence takes joy from creating and also ability to focus. It might be just a season or it is the end of one season in my life, time will tell…

If you would like to buy something from the shop, enjoy 10 % off with coupon FEB10. And most of all enjoy your weekend! ox


4 thoughts on “colour block

  1. Awww Monika you sweet girl ! Thank you ! That’s so adorable that you think of me when you sew a pouch ! ❤
    Your pouch is so bright & luxurious !! SO very pretty ! Makes me think of China.
    I understand your questioning. It takes so much time, energy, motivation & money also to keep a business up & running, and when you're not "official", it's sometimes too much to handle, in comparison to the feedback. Believe me, I know that too well.
    I hope you will find in your heart what you want to do.
    xoxo hugs

    • Thank you, Sonia, I will enjoy this time off, already have quite a few plans and they might show what next. Might even list an odd piece if I feel it’s suitable for sale. ps: I am official :), here in UK one can not earn a penny without being registered as a business

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