natural home – a way with roses

I like having plants and flowers in the house and don’t like to part with them. I often keep cut flowers in a vase after their best time  and enjoy watching the way they change . rose bunting b So when a rose bouquet wilted I just tied it tight at the bottom and hang up upside down to dry fully. We used to do this a lot at home. We would incorporate them into dry flower arrangements, wreaths or let them just as they were, upside down for a bit of a shabby chic look. Far away in the romantic days I would get bouquets with 20+ roses… you couldn’t just bin that, could you? 🙂   recycled rose petals1   As I was taking my dry roses down some of the petals fell off so I freed others from the stem. They are beautiful. The shape, the colour variation across each single petal, the subtle structure of the veins…. I threaded them into small bunting. And the rest waited to decorate our table at Christmas.  This way they could be used all year round and on many other occasions. You don’t need many, just a few. Exposed to the (day)light they tend to turn brown after some time so I store mine in a glass jar in the cupboard.   repurpused

ps: petals dried naturally stay more open, those dried on or close to a heating source curl up much more and become smaller

roses b


4 thoughts on “natural home – a way with roses

  1. I was delighted to read your description of how you tie the roses and hang them up to dry – this is exactly the same I have been doing for years! I can never get enough of the unique beauty of the slightly decaying flowers and petals and they only get thrown out once they have completely faded and are brittle and dusty… It’s not only roses though – tulips can be stunning too!

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