A way with (Christmas) cards

I am very late with this post, I know. Your Christmas cards are probably in the paper bin or already collected….

recycled paper

I just wanted to show you what I do with mine.

recycled paper

I bought the Tag/Label punch from Hobbycraft last year, 3 inch one.

recycling cards

I remove the back and then slit the front of the card into the punch, holding it upside down so that I can see what I am punching.

what to do with Christmas cards

As there are other cards arriving throughout the year, I punch more

thank you card recycled

reusing some magazine & catalogue pages as well


Then I punch a small hole with an office punch and use my new tags when need comes.

Some of the labels have nice full image, some just impression. All are fine – a nice card makes a nice tag.


6 thoughts on “A way with (Christmas) cards

  1. Thank you for this idea. It’s great to make labels/tags this way and to put cards to good use. I tend to keep the cards to remind myself of the person or just because the image looks nice, but now that I’ve read your post I might buy such a punch as well. Looks like a very useful tool.

  2. I used to do that do (and not only with Christmas cards), so much that I broke the puncher I had. Such a great way to reuse beautiful papers ! I’ve recently made tiny envelopes with pages from magazines. I wanted to blog about it, I shall do it soon so that it echoes your blog post ! xoxo

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