land of whites and greys

More    n e s t    design in natural off white and natural grey merino with addition of silk, wool nepps and curly wool.

wool felt pillow


wool cushion


To create a strong and durable yet not bulky fabric I usually lay the fibre large and then shrink a lot. Physically demanding at times I enjoy this process as much as when I was introduced to felting.

white nest pillowcase

I am still  very much drown to natural whites and greys. To me they are really colourful. Each type whether it be wool, hair, silks… has its own hue and sheen. It’s always a different white and different texture of each fibre enhances this even more. Add silky mohair to merino or coarse Welsh wool and you get two very different fabrics.  Right now  there are other very colourful projects on my mind but none of them includes wool. But it’s at the moment, who knows where the inspiration and feelings will lead, it’s good to be open and not to rationalize too much.

grey wool cushion

I wanted to create a collection with a simple aesthetic focusing on richness of colours and textures as found in the nature. Also, in the summer I came across real birds nests and admired the form and the way they were constructed. Almost a cross between waving and felting.

grey nest, pure wool pillow

It inspired the circle shape and overlaps with another theme – oneness. They both include, protect and welcome and are place of rest.


8 thoughts on “land of whites and greys

  1. Dear Monika,

    Your cushions are beautiful, the circle you have created…an openess… almost invites a feeling that the circle is there to invite one to join and there will always be room for another and another…

  2. Your spirit shines through in your blog as beautifully as in your art~ So delighted to have stumbled upon both tonight~ thank you for sharing~

  3. Gorgeous colour and texture – I am the opposite, always drawn to working with colour – orange, teal, gold, kingfisher blue – but your beautiful Nest collection makes me want to go in your direction! All the work is worth it for the wonderful tactile, comforting results x

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