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I have just tried and tested a new to me delivery service – In Post. I needed to send a heavy parcel within UK, it would cost £ 13 via Royal Mail. Back from the post office I came, off to an  Interparcel website. And there I found what must have been the cheapest courier service in the world!

In Post is a ‘drop off’ service which meant that I had to print all the documents at home and drop the parcel off at a location stated on the website.

I was a little worried it wouldn’t work… I have never heard of it nor have I found reviews on-line…

To my delight I found what looked like a huge porto cabin not far away from our home. Upon scanning a barcode on one of the labels door automatically opened, I put the parcel in, shut the door and then could choose to have a confirmation slip sent to my e-mail address or have it printed on the spot.

And all of this for just under £ 2! The parcel was delivered in 7 calendar days. At the time the tracking service on Interparcel site didn’t work but via chat I got to speak to a help desk and was promised they would contact In Post on my behalf. Within few days I got a screen shot of the delivery notice with recipient signature straight to my e-mail box.

I thought I would mention the service here, not just for you, my readers but for anyone searching for reviews on In Post: it does exactly what it says, highly recommend!


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