The sky has been this blue in the Scottish Highlands for quite some time now


my indigo vat is turning out nicely

Indigo blue

It’s the organic vat developed by a master dyer genius Michel Garcia. If you can-  take a class with him, not just on indigo, anything, he is a wealth of knowledge and I love how he approaches natural dyeing from chemistry and botany point of view. If you can’t take the class, you can always buy DVDs he produced with Yoshiko Wada.


In the second DVD he demonstrates how to achieve many colours on wool, including indigo and the famous Mayan blue.



    1. It’s only DVD, Ruth. If you google the title you will find sellers depending on the country you are in. The French part of his site works and there is the dvd listed. In uk you can buy it at Rainbow Silks.

      1. You will be able to Bay Michel’s dvd’s At
        If You Need help just let me know !!!

  1. Take advantage of your next stay in France early September for a few days visit in Lauris … Visit “couleur garance” site for the details … I’ll be there may be we will meet ….

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