naturally dyed scarves


I think of my blog as a visual diary of what I have made, either the process or finished pieces. I would prefer if it was much more chronological, but often fail. It’s because of my varied interests and also because I often work on few projects at the same time but don’t post  here feeling it would appear too random and haphazard – and then stop posting altogether. I want to change this on both ends. To focus more and stop thinking too much about the disorder of the posts.

So while I have been felting and am still testing and sourcing fibres, these scarves have been in the dye pot and waiting for the right moment and especially enough light to be photographed. They will come to the shop soon.



8 thoughts on “focus

  1. The scarves are lovely!! What did you dye them with?
    Speaking of feeling scattered….. I’ve been very scattered the past two weeks! Dyeing yarn, painting the bathroom and suffering from a sinus infection. And not writing dear friends back 😦

    • Julie, hope you are soon feeling much better. And I will soon join in with painting bathroom. . 😦 will try to look at that through creative glasses… these are dyed with madder, cochineal, pomegranate and the dark one is eco print, plants from the neighbourhood (rose, cotinus..). Have you been dyeing for weaving??

  2. Lovely colours especially the three on the top left and the rich red below! Must be something in the air, I bought lime to whitewash my walls and paint for my floor yesterday, I’ve got a pot of printing to start today too, painting and printing, a new trend!

  3. Thank you, Nicola. It’s probably just that season of the year. Happy painting, I am just about to start. And even happier printing :)!

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