My next print is based on a story of Caleb,  in particular this part and the words wholly, fully, entirely or wholeheartedly.

From the screen-printing point I wanted to try different textures and see how they transfer from the initial drawing through screen to paper and fabric. The following prints are on paper.

I lost some details, for example on darker parts there was  writing which is not visible. It’s not impossible to retain the  original fine marks, but requires knowledge especially when preparing the screens and choosing the right one – with the right density. Also, when I used a softer background surface to print (flatbed used for fabric printing), the texture was richer and more varied.

I find the technique quite interesting. It definitely is more suited to flat, bold, well defined pattern but I can see ways how to use it for textural prints, though it might require more practice.



screenprint 1


This is the first separation (first layer of print)


Sadly, in all the hurry I forgot to print second separation separately  so here they are the two layered together

screenprint detail

and the detail of the ‘wholly’

The course is now finished and I have better idea what the technique offers. I would love to do more screen-printing but thought I would first gather enough material to print before I go to the studio again and also explore other ways of printing.




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