As I mentioned in this post I was hoping to find other way/s of printing random imagery. Also, often, whether dyeing or printing,  one of the kind pieces is what I naturally get. Some of them are very pretty and I might like to repeat them in small series or adjust them a little and then print.

I had wanted to learn screen-printing for a long time and now the time seemed just right. So I signed up for a course at Highland Print Studio.

Once on the course, I was soon drawn to various tools and materials for  mark making and decided to go in this direction rather than working with my samples printed with natural paints. If I take a class I try to stay open and what I  make consider just as an experiment. I remind myself I am there to learn and explore; it’s just a beginning not a final piece in the given technique…

During the short course I managed to print two different prints. This is the first one based on feathers.

2 separations

In the above print I used two separations; the first was a distressed image for a background and the second the feathers.

feathers detail

And here just the second separation on the front of calico bags. I will show you the other print in the next post.

screenprinted feathers1


7 thoughts on “screenprinted

  1. I really like the print with the feathers on their own. The version with the yellow background seems to detract from the feathers. Lovely work however – both versions.

    • Rosie, thank you for your feedback. I agree, there are few things not just right in that print; the background yellow is two bright and the feathers are two small for such a big area. And the photo is not great… :). All done in a hurry.

  2. I love the feathers! How did you make it? Did you draw the feathers onto the screen, or was it a photo emulsion screen? Or perhaps some other method?
    I like the idea of them printed on a background color, but I agree that that particular yellow is a tad too bright.
    Great work!

    • Yes, Julie, this is all traditional screen-printing, photo emulsion, exposing the screens and water-soluble inks. That’s why I could repeat the pattern easily. I felt uncomfortable at first at the thought of being able to produce many quite identical pieces, but I am sure I could get used to that :).

  3. The feathers are beautiful. I think there are places for one-of-a-kind, but there are places for repeatable images too… great to increase the stock of tools you have available to choose between.

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