beach combing

We went to the beach the other day. Except seeing dolphins peacefully swimming in the Morey Firth for the first time I found this treasure. It sparked few ideas…

I thought the simple design would make a nice cushion, but let’s start with a pincushion

I painted some mordanted linen with a paint made from logwood

black square

and wasn’t much impressed

But I liked what I found on the other side and here is the result


I did the same with paint derived from avocadoavocado dye and turmeric

turmeric dye

this one is on silk

Each side of the three pincushions is different and makes my ‘random’ side of brain happy :). Maybe one day there will be some cushions as a result…

printed pin cushions

ps: my etsy shops will be closed from April 4th till April 22nd.



3 thoughts on “(pin)cushions

  1. Hello there,

    I am new to your blog via pinterest your pictures and work are quite lovely. Will be bookmarking for sure. i was wondering if you have already shared somewhere on your blog how to make the paints derived from natural dyes that you have used here. I am new to natural dyes and still settling on how they might be use in my art practice via performing many many experiments! Any tips would be most appreciated 🙂

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