I have been working with partial resist lately. I create conditions for abstract images to happen, but am in control of the rest: the fabrics are mordanted  so that they hold paints derived from plants well and make images light and wash fast. It’s a slow slow process and there are times when I stop liking it, feeling that the slow pace becomes hindrance to the creative flow. But for now I am sticking with natural paints; limitations are challenging and a challenge forces us to find out more and look for new ways.

One specific challenge here is the darker marks around the black print. That wasn’t planned, I was hoping for clear sharp almost black against white. I have washed the cotton cloth, tried to use lemon to bleach it but to no avail. So ‘tomorrow again and in a different way’ (it’s a title of a Slovakian book which so often comes to my mind..).

monochrome print

abstract print

black and white print


8 thoughts on “random

  1. I love them!
    I also like the darker areas that you are trying to remove……. for some reason the first photo reminds me of looking at a strand of hair under a microscope. So you have the ‘shadowy’ edge of the thing….. but are looking deeper, into it’s inner core.

  2. I too love them Monika, they remind me of birch bark and the shadow adds to that effect I feel. But I do know how annoying it is to not produce what you intended to!

  3. The edge creates an object, and enclosure. If you are unhappy with the edge, could you somehow extend the edge right out to the edge of the fabric? Not sure of your process of course. They are lovely images as they are! So many times the process takes on a life of its own, but I do find it challenging to accept something that is not what I intended or would have liked to achieve. Thanks Monika for posting this research. Good luck!

    • Thank you very much, Celia, for your comment. The image itself is so far off what I had in mind…:) I love what you are doing with earth pigments!

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