in·spi·ra·tion  (ĭn′spə-rā′shən) n.


a. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity
This is just one example of imagery which I find highly stimulating at the moment. Bigger size here.
I like the story behind the image. It’s a photo of a small section of a gym hall floor. The entire floor is covered in absolutely random  marks resulting from various activities going on in  there  – here in UK the gyms are used for physical exercise, school meetings & performances as well as canteens. And against the dark dots and lines there are these  yellow and  red stripes of different shapes marking the right position for indoor games.
I like the colours – the subtle almost fleeting black against the white and the bold somehow strict red. To me it’s both contemplative and dynamic. But what evokes ‘a high level of feeling’ is the total randomness. For some time I have been noticing how much random beauty there is around – all those marks, colours, textures and structures which human beings create while doing conscious activities or which just  happen naturally, perhaps as a result of ‘dust to dust’ principle.
I have taken this concept of random/ness as a starting point for some of my recent samples. Creating environment for random marks to appear and then finishing them off with paints derived from plants, combination of surrendering and controlling. I want to learn to let go more and more often so for now making room for random is very important to me.
 I thought I would have some finished pieces ready to show but not all worked out the way I liked so they are still just samples. Nevertheless, I will show them to you in the next post.

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