pink tulip flowers

It seems I have missed the whole ‘season’ of blogging.  *

I needed and wanted to take some time off to work on other projects, creative in one way or other, but not so much fibre related. They are not finished yet and I won’t be around for most of April but would like to resume posting here. I have been adding few photos to my Flickr stream and Instagram, but most images are still just in my mind or my sketchbook. *

In the spare time I have been mostly sewing for the house and my wardrobe but the lack of light has put me off of taking photos. *

Looking back though, I feel it has done me good to step back and be quiet. I have been thinking and trying to reduce and select – for I rarely feel uninspired but very often overwhelmed by ideas, not knowing which one to follow. It almost becomes a block.

Also, I have noticed I can spend weeks just thinking, reading & learning from all sources about a topic/technique and really enjoy that, but the accumulated information can eventually ‘choke me’. I have learned  that for me the way out is to start, if nothing else then at least sampling. Watching what happens during process, mistakes or happy accidents, wrestling with materials and their limits, trying to push the limits or give in and then reflecting on what I see – that’s what helps me to decide on the direction; basically to see what I love, like and dislike, though the idea seemed interesting. *

Regardless of the techniques and materials I would usually use and things I would make –  I try to listen – images and textures which make my heart skip a beat… (to follow…)


5 thoughts on “hello/spring

  1. Hi Monika! I know exactly what you mean, and you’ve put it so well. I often feel the need to pull away from it all, in order to keep sane 😉

    • Thank you, Mona, glad to hear this. I just decided to work on few other things and was left with not much time for my own work. But what I regularly escape is socializing on the internet, I really can’t keep up. I deeply love internet, but sometime envy artists who grew up without it.

  2. Glad I could read that of you. To tell a bit of your own creative process and habit in a so open and natural way it helps to come closer and grasp a little more of your person despite of physical distances, loved it! Exactly the kind of lines I love to read in an artist blog beside exquisite picts of personal art pieces and works in progress. And what I would love to write about more… if only I was not so hesitant, thinking of my side not being so interesting to others! Btw, I too bought some clothes to sew new garments I really need for the warm season… and also I would really truly absolutely love to step back and be quiet for a while… but it seems my life hasn’t the slightest intention to!!! So I’m keeping on smiling, managing my inner turbulence, dreaming of how wonderful it would be if only, weeping and finally dyeing and stitching to calm down my little heart!
    Wait for the following part! 😉

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