It’s nice to felt again. I have been felting Christmas presents so can’t show more, but they are all little objects where I am exploring texture, colour and combination of both.

I wonder – do you associate handmade felt with colour? Is it one of the strengths of handmade woollen felt – the possibility to make a very colourful cloth? Or does it’s beauty lie in the material itself, the fact that wool is a natural and rather luxurious material? I would very much love to know what you think!


textured felt by red2white

felt by red2white

felting wool, red2white


4 thoughts on “felting

  1. As much as I love color, I feel with felted cloth the intrinsic beauty is in the materials. I love the textures and warmth of the wool.
    I’m happy to see you felting again! You do it so well! πŸ™‚
    For that matter, you do everything well! You are an artist!!

  2. I think felt is about textures, colour and, in hand-made form, the actual physical process of working a textile form or fabric from simple fibres. It has an amazing transformative potential. I love the colours and textures in your pictures. LizSeville.wordpress.com Principally Felt

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