and this is me getting ready for winter

knited snood


knitting chunky snood while taking time off to be with family. The cowl is already finished and waits for the dyebath. I wish for a subtle yellow with a hint of brown and have already extracted colour from onion skins.

This year has been eventful, in a good way. It has reflected in the way I have worked, in between and around. And as cold months approach and they will be many I would like to make some pieces for us.  Maybe, it will inspire some work for the shop too.


ps. it seams WordPress is starting to put adverts under the posts – I would prefer to opt out, but have no saying in it, it goes with having blog hosting for free I suppose.


4 thoughts on “./3

  1. No ads on this post! 🙂
    I like the cowl…. I hope you get the brownish yellow you are striving for!
    Winter is indeed heading this way, too soon for my liking….. summer seemed to fly by this year!

    • Julie, it was your comment which enlighten me which yellows I am after. And it was at the same time when I got greenish yellow from pomegranate, uh, how I don’t like that hue!

      • I think that we like the same shade of yellow!
        I have been wearing my scrap of bright yellow wool gauze as a neck wrap on cool mornings….. I look atrocious in it! So I don’t look into the mirror 😉
        I just look down, and seeing the brightness makes me happy! Plus it is warm.

  2. There are many colours we both like :). I am going to explore yellow in natural dyes a little, have already ordered weld and chamomile. It’s one of the colours I could look at for – almost ever :).

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