I have three little plants of red cup gum eucalyptus/Eucalyptus Erythrocorys on my windowsill. They seem to thrive. The leaves should print red but it will be a long time before they do so.

red cap gum

You can buy the seeds at Jungle Seeds. They sprout easily. I had them on a wet paper towel on a small plate, all covered with cling film to keep moisture in. After about three weeks some of them already had two tiny leaves. That’s when I planted them in pots.

Many thanks to Ingrid for sending the link to me.


3 thoughts on “growing

  1. He’s such a cute little plant!
    My red cap died this summer…… they were about 5 inches tall 😦 I was thinking that I transplanted them too soon, and it was SO very hot here this past summer! I’ll try again this coming Spring!

  2. Maybe that’s what I should have done with the eucalypt seeds I got from you? I didn’t get them to germinate … (shoot) … Wish you luck with these little things!

  3. Thank you for the seed link and the information on germinating the seedlings. Lovely little plant, grow and become strong and make something beautiful.

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