Today I would like to show you two more pieces based on the same process & idea as the tunic – using what is usually left and discarded when printing with leaves.

The first is 40 x 50 cm, 15.7 x 20 inch solid nunofelt.  After some consideration I have decided to leave it as it is and offer for sale. I hope someone else will be more certain as to what to use it for because I couldn’t decide if to turn it into a pillow case, front of a tote, seat cover or just hang on the wall; all purposes seamed to appeal to me equally.

eco print on felt

eco dyed script

The next is a set of 2 cushion covers  (40 x 40 cm, 15.7 x 15.7 inch)  with pattern on both sides. The marks on the front are more vivid and are a mirror image of each other. They are made from matte raw silk and the colours are more earthy.

silk pillowcase

For now this is all from the tiny collection I named ‘A Script according to nature’, a text or letters perhaps less readable than what we are used to, yet able to evoke thoughts and feelings.

silk pillow covers


6 thoughts on “script

  1. The pillows remind me of winter grasses…… they are lovely! I was already admiring them on etsy last night! 🙂
    And the felt is indeed like script, in some ancient primordial language.
    You are amazing!

  2. I love the title; first thing I thought of was it looks like a story or a language..and you used plant material that had already been used for these? These are all beautiful!

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