berries collection

Well, they are not hand picked in the nearby woods, but hand dyed with indigo and onion skins and hand polished for a smooth look. There are three wooden bead necklaces now available in my shop along with two simple metal tube and ring ones, all for a very reasonable price.

wooden beads hand dyed

simple wooden and metal necklace

I would like to welcome all my new followers and express my thanks to all who have liked or commented on my blog posts over the summer. I am feeling a little bit lost; I have still not got used to a new Flickr layout, it uploads incredibly slowly even though our PC is new and am still finding my way on Feedly – the blog reading/following site. This plus kids summer holiday, having visitors and settling down in the new house slows me down both to comment or post more often. But there is peace in acceptance and knowing that there is time for all things makes me feel optimistic when I think of the months to come.


10 thoughts on “berries collection

  1. Summer has felt slow and unproductive here…… But maybe this coming weekend will prove productive! I bought some wool fabric in Portland, and was able to dip it into the ocean. Couldn’t gather many leaves because of a mishap, but did get a few. I’m looking forward to my coming weekend!!

    • Pari, thanks! And good for you re Flickr. I would have done the same, but there is quite a number of people I have followed for years and wouldn’t like to loose contact with. So will have to cut through the bush somehow…

  2. Love the colour of those beads, hopping over to your shop immediately. I think this summer has been a bit confusing for many of us, I wish you a fun, creative and successful autumn/winter.

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