to wear

You have seen this dress before, made in eco printed silk. This time I made it slightly longer and a tiny bit more fitted. Because of the straps still no zip is needed, it slips easily over the head. It’s dyed with indigo in light blue colour and the pattern reminds me of marks a frost leaves on windows in winter.

indigo dyed

I like to dye fabric first and then sew; in this way I can play with the pattern and use it to the advantage of the overall design. It can backfire sometimes too, when a resulting marks are all in  wrong places ^_^.

blue silk dress

This is one of my most favourite summer dress patterns. The deep darts at the front + darts and the centre seam at the back provide an easy fit and shape figure well yet do not constrain a wearer. The high square ‘neckline’ compensates for bare shoulders and makes the look not too revealing.  I am planning on using the pattern again, but with the summer drawing to it’s close I will cover shoulders completely and later add sleeves too.

The next piece is the same raw silk fabric printed with leaves. It’s sleeveless, slightly fitted, with pattern at the front and the back. Both items are now available from my shop, with free worldwide shipping till August 20th, 3013.

silk shirt

eco printed silk top

silk blouse uk


14 thoughts on “to wear

  1. That blue dress is just out of this world ! Too bad it wasn’t my size !!! You’re doing such a wonderful job with making clothes ! oxox

  2. Hi Monika! I am new to eco printing and absolutely love the process. Your work is incredible and inspirational! I was wondering how you made the blue piece? How you used the leaves as a resist against the indigo? It is stunning!

    I have my first ever experiments with eco dying wrapped up as we speak and have another week to go. So excited to unveil them!

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