photo booth


In a true British manner I will start with the weather ^-^ – we have had an amazing summer so far! Most of the time I am happy with whatever the day brings but after seven cold years and cold and wet summers I take it as a special blessing when the temp is above 20 C, the sun is shinning, there is ‘no breath of wind’ as my younger one quotes Narnia tapes and we can not only manage to tidy the garden during the dry spells  but actually enjoy sitting in it.

So this was me yesterday, setting up a photo booth outside while the birds were loudly arguing in the trees around and bees hard at work in my nasturtiums.

outdoor photography

I took some time off to be with our parents who visited us for couple of weeks but have been back to work, mostly taking photos – as I am always behind with this part of my practice. Here I am photographing brooches which will soon be listed in my shop, along with some bigger items I will show you in my next post.


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