How much does a feather weight? Well, these scarves weigh just a little bit more.  The colours are darker, sometimes striking as is the case of the yellow and purple combination and patterns are more watercolour like.

They have been dyed and printed last autumn with plants from around and are now rinsed and ready to find a new home. I hope they will be appreciated by those who opt for  subtle hues and abstract marks on natural fibres.

5 b

 big multi-coloured scarf

 approx. 90 x 250 cm, 36 x 100 inch, one of the kind

naturally dyed silk scarf

big blue purple mint scarf

 90 x 180 cm, 36 x 72 inch

1 b

medium size dark blue grey purple

45 x 180 cm, 17.5 x 72 inch

purple silk scarf

 medium yellow and purple silk scarf

45 x 180 cm, 17.5 x 72 inch


4 thoughts on “weightless

  1. Lovely Monika!
    I especially like the last one….. the purples and yellows are so striking together!
    Oh… of my three cotinus trees, only one gives really nice strong purples. It’s funny too, as it has the lightest colored leaves!

    • thank you, Julie. I too find it very interesting. And how odd that you get different prints from the same variety, perhaps that will change when they get older.

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