Early in spring my younger one and I planted some seeds in the pots left by previous owners. She used a generous amount of seeds and I wasn’t sure what would actually germinate since some of them were rather old. To my surprise I realized the other day most of what did survive very long and cold spring is poppies. They are not only so very decorative anywhere they grow – and I think those in the wasteland are the best – but are source of a nice colour on fibres as well. They were part of the ‘plant salad’ I printed this silk with and left the burgundy-pink and some blue marks.

leaf printed silk

I love our new garden. It’s south facing, the house shelters it from cold north winds. There is a mature acer and whenever I look at it I feel like a dragon at it’s treasure trove, thinking to myself ‘it’s all mine!’ – but I would share if you come round :). It’s just that many times I see some lovely and very useful plants, trees, but, alas, they are in someone’s else garden! I have few Eucalyptus Gunnii growing in big pots and beautiful little rose shrubs in front. And the area we live in is called Nine Oaks – for massive oaks in the neighbourhood, too tall to reach and pick few leaves, but they will eventually fall on the ground.

I would like to start growing my own Eucalyptus Cinerea but so far I haven’t been lucky with germinating the seeds.

And indigo. This article shows it is possible in spite of the cool climate, however only in a polytunnel.



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