new line

I would like to add a new line to my shop, combining my old love – sewing with natural dyeing/printing . These are the first two pieces made of fine raw silk with an open weave stripe running across the width. The bigger the pieces the bigger the photographic challenge…

silk dress

sleeveless silk dress

sleeveless dress, slightly fitted, darts at the front and back; the opening around the neck and shoulders is large enough to pull over so there is no zip (required); it’s printed with plants

the shipping is free on this dress till June 15th, 2013

silk top

top from the same silk material, again easy fit, almost straight with openings at the sides

I have been a lot in my ‘dye’ kitchen, mostly preparing fabrics for more printing and dyeing and a little bit designing next few items. But it’s a slow cloth, time is a great helper in this processes.


4 thoughts on “new line

  1. Překrásné!!!!! Úžasná technika barvení, která mi také nedá spát. Zatím jsem si s ní začala jen tak hrát. Přeji krásné a tvořivé dny.

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