Web Spins/May

For the first time – in time ^-^ to report on my spinning for the challenge. The technique for May is Corespinning where loose fibres or an already spun yarn  is wrapped around the base/core yarn. New to me but once I started I didn’t want to stop and am delighted with the results.

corespun b

corespun yarn

this bit is from naturally dyed fibres; gorse, madder, brazilwood, eucalyptus and natural grey merino


and this is a mix of naturally and man made dyed fibres

spinning corespun

It’s hard not to love this technique – it enables all the colourful fibres to show their full beauty as the yarn is being wrapped almost diagonally around the core. I used commercially spun 3 ply yarn choosing colours  along the way. Overtwisting is the danger but when  simmered gently for a short time and dried naturally it straightened wonderfully. Big thank you for this tip goes to my spinning advisor Renata from B.ena.


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