Tornado/Web Spins/April

Hello May, spinningwise I am still in April.

The  technique to try and learn in April was Tornado. Instead of splitting and pre-drafting the fibre as the book suggests  I took a shortcut and used the thin roving I bought long time ago. It’s some sort of down wool. I don’t remember the name anymore; all I remember is that it felts much slower than merino yet is rather fine. It’s the white fibre on the right in the picture and is spun into a base yarn around which the rest is bundled; from the left: machine knitting yarns – lambswool and silk, at the bottom sewing threads – grey (spent) and metalic silver.

tornado spinning technique

Jacey warns that it is one of the slower spinning techniques and my choice to use the metalic thread made it even slower. It was much stiffer than the rest and had the will on it’s own, catching on the lazy kate and creating big loops.

I found it very helpful that I didn’t need to draft at all  instead concentrating on keeping the threads together and yet not too much together so that they would twist around freely.

To me the main difference between Tornado and Autowrap is that with Tornado to create the ‘wild’ effect I had to somewhat ‘fed’ the yarns around the base fibre to create the loops. Had I let them to wrap on their own the finished yarn would have been much smoother. Now it resambles a boucle yarn and I love  it’s texture. By changing colours and the wrapping yarns + having a jumbo flier lots and lots of yarns with quite a difference could be spun.

grey b

grey b2

Here it is in action – woven next to other yarns a I have already spun for the challenge. Soon I will show you the finished pieces.

grey b4

grey b3

I would love to see your Tornado yarn, if you are still doing the challenge, please leave the link to your photos in the comment box. Life has been busy on many fronts here but I am determine to continue spinning – next is the corespun!


3 thoughts on “Tornado/Web Spins/April

  1. Such energy. I love it woven up. I fell off the challenge with my daughter’s wedding and a couple of periods away from home. I will join back in with corespun in May (a gentle challenge as I’ve done it a few times before!) and I hope to return to some of the others as well.

  2. Sorry, Monika. I´m late with my Tornado . I gave it a try already but wasn´t happy with the result . I finished with terribly overspun yarn – I was struggling to draft and to wrap my three “threads” in one moment…So I tried to improve my overspun by spinnig it in an opposite direction. Of course, it didn´t work at all. My yarn just disintegrated into starting elements;o).It´s definitely not for publishing…
    Your woven piece looks lovely!

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