Web Spins/March (+ February)

Here are my yarns for the February and March Web Spins spinning challenge.

Following the book by Jacey Boggs, Spin Art I first started with Racing Stripe spinning thin merino yarn and then wrapping it around more merino while spinning again. The result looks very similar to a plied yarn, though ‘the road to it’ is different and to me less comfortable than plying two singles. I found it quite fiddly and more challenging than the second technique – Autowrap.

web spins yarns

racing stripe 2

For  the Racing Stripe thin yarn already span is held by the drafting hand and at (many) times the yarn was getting lost in the drafted fibre. I realized again that I should probably practice spinning singles much more as my yarn is still rather uneven. I have this dilemma though –  I really don’t want to spin even yarn for my projects, yet I feel if I was able to do so it would mean I was fully in control of the drafting and that could help when I am spinning an art yarn….

racing stripe 1

I enjoyed the Autowrap technique and feel various interesting yarns can be created depending on the fibre, thickness and color used. I started off with merino wrapped in brushed kid mohair-acrylic yarn but didn’t like the feel of acrylic so changed for  this interesting yarn I have bought recently. It is 2 ply wool-silk wrapped around a very thin and stretchy nylon thread. The nylon makes the yarn very elastic, it almost doubles in lenght when stretched/ironed. When wet and dried naturally it shrinks. It also takes up plant dyes beautifuly; here I have used onion skins+turmeric for a quick change of color.

autowrap 1

autowrap 2

autowrap 3

Shrank it already looks similar to a boucle yarn and I was very curious to see the effect it creates when autowrapped. On the following picture you can see the elastic core; from the short piece of yarn at the top I have removed the nylon and now it lays  flat.

yarn 2b

I have three colors of this yarn – off white, light and mid grey and there is some in my Soft Fibre etsy shop available too.

yarn 1b

dyed yarn b

If you have a spare minute you might like to check blogs of others participating. And you are welcome to join in at any time; we learn a technique a month so it gives enought time even to catch up if you have no time to spin for a few weeks. Next month – Tornado!

Mariana from Florcita

Fiona from loveFibre

Veronika from VeronikaRybnickova


11 thoughts on “Web Spins/March (+ February)

  1. Fun! I really like the onion dyed wrapped yarn. I did something similar recently, but as I was aiming for something completely different, it was labelled failure. 😉 Not near as nice as yours.

  2. I love the auto wrap yarn!! The texture…. the colors you used…. wonderful!
    The first technique, the racing stripe, looks interesting too.
    You’re making me want to try this too……
    but I have to tell myself “No”. I haven’t been able to keep up with what I have in my head already.
    And Lilly is talking about starting up a e-zine and wants contributions to it…. so the rustic handwoven clothes (which is what I’m working on) has to progress forward so that I can put it in her magazine in June.
    Sigh…. so much to do and so little time to play.

    • Julie, wait until next few techniques, you won’t be able to resist :D! But so good to hear that you are busy with your project and the zine + rustic woven clothes! both sound very interesting.

  3. I am working on the autowrap and I like it much more than the previous one. It’s more free… more texture… I don’t know. Feels more natural.
    I have to say I love your color combinations! And that stretchy yarn! WOW! ahahah I had no idea about it. I wonder what happens it you knit a sweater with it… grows with you? 🙂

    I do feel too that maybe, to be honest, one should first master well the basic technique of an even single to achive a good control of the whole process. I am trying to spin my own singles now to wrap around in the auto-wrap technique. I started with silk top…ad yeah… spinning silk is not the same as spinning wool! 🙂

    Love your results!

    • I am going to knit with it shortly, will see what happens.

      I feel the same about the singles and eveness, I believe in practice makes perfect so along learning this new techniques the basic will improve too :).

  4. Very interesting results..I like your individual aproach to autowrap.I merely folowed the book instructions, especially in material.I used… I´ll try to be more adventerous in future technic:)
    Even yarn might seem boring but it doesn´t have to be .I love spinning the thinnest possible yarn from Wensleydale and it´s a real pleasure. And I feel that every 100yards count to my spinning experience:o)

    • Veronika, thank you! Wensleydale span and used for one of this technique would look terrific, must try it soon. And you are so right with the experience. 🙂 I would love to see more of your yarns on Flickr!

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