new year

breaking ice

Hello! How are you?

I have been thinking about the year 2013 and what it is going to bring. While we don’t know the end of today, there are things shaping in the near and further future and it seems that family events are going to take a big portion of my time. I also feel I need to set aside time to streamline my on-line presence, to work on my two etsy shops a bit, list what’s been made, perhaps put some older work on sale. And offer for sale various materials which haven’t seen the daylight for a long time. The time in between I would like to use for learning few new techniques, read more on design & development and make for us. You know it, the cobbler is usually without shoes. Inevitably, there will be less new work, but hopefully this sabbatical time will bring fruits later on.

I will still be here, on Flickr and FB page, but perhaps less often. However, I will follow your adventures  with the same interest as I have so far, so keep posting!



10 thoughts on “new year

  1. Monika-How well I understand the need to ‘pull back’ in one area in order to more fully engage with another! I wish you boundless creative energy and a spirit of patience with yourself and your loved ones (change can be hard!). XXO-

  2. Enjoy your sabbatical time and recharge your batteries. I’ll miss your more frequent postings, but completely understand the need to pull back. Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Year’s wishes. XO

  3. I have just spent quite a bit of time perusing your incredibly beautiful blog! I have been a felter for a while, but am just learning about natural dyeing and ecoprinting. Thanks for all of the information and inspiration!

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