thick and thin

After seeing Marian’s scarf I couldn’t wait to try spinning thick and thin. With the help of books and YouTube – this is the result. Not such a nice color, but I am pleased. I worried the yarn would be overtwisted, but after washing the yarn and drying the knitted piece is straight, doesn’t curl or go to one side as might be the case when knitted with overspun.

thick and thin 1

First I spun a good lenght varying thick and thin often, then I thought to push it a bit to an extreme and spun more thin and thick only here and there.ย  The result is a loosely knitted somewhat lacy fabric with highly textured spots. Hope to explore this more.

thick and thin


9 thoughts on “thick and thin

  1. I looove it! Isn’t it great how much texture you can get! Of course if one is really neat, one can actually make an evenly spaced thick and thin. But… well.. we know that isn’t me ๐Ÿ™‚
    addictive really!
    The colour is the least of your problems… you can always dye… you know that part quite well. You are quite the alchemist!

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