My mind is full of strings – and things which can be made from strings. It must be the weather, it’s wet enough outside to do wet felting or dyeing… especially when water in my dye buckets freezes – or overflows with the rainwater.

At the moment I am learning how to create a balanced yarn – and how to ply it nicely. The first skein is Blueface Leicester, lovely springy wool which grew in volume after washing. It’s plied with wool/silk knitting machine yarn. The first skein where I got a hang of plying.

BFL yarn

This is merino + flax, I am destashing my dyed tops I bought some years ago. It’s not as soft as I expected, because of the flax probably – and my spinning. And I am surprised how little black can ‘mud’ the overal color.

merino yarn

The rest are yarns I bought and offer some for sale in my Soft Fibre shop. Sometimes I need to buy in bulk to get a good discount or to be able to buy at all. I have kept some skeins for my weavings, but the red recycled cotton yarn and the nettle yarn I use for wrapping parcels. The nettle is a bit stiff, but could be softened by boiling. Nevertheless, a perfect looking rustic string.

recycled cotton yarn

recycled cotton yarn, handspun (not by me)

mosaic nettle

nettle yarn

nettle yarn b

2 types of banana yarn, the thicker is handspun from pure banana fibre and is chalk white, the thinner is more of off white color and is made of banana fibre with a cotton core in a boucle technique

mosaic banana yarns


8 thoughts on “string

  1. I love this string talk ! There’s so much texture, volume & colors to these yummy fibers ! Are they all yummy & easy to work with ? (I’m no knitter, my mom is)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Monika xoxo

  2. it is wet here in Seattle -very wet- and with the same possibilities for wet felting outside or dyeing… I m sadly neither a knitter or a spinner but I very much appreciate those who are creating strings..or anything else from these wonderful fibers! And I always like seeing what you are up to!

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