winter decoration

wreth b1

Every year I attempt to make a winter decoration for our house.  Here is the one I made last year. This time it’s a wreth made from fresh ivy branches, around 4 x 1 m long, twisted around each other and tied together with the green gardener’s string at couple of places. The ivy grows abundantly around the Rosemarkie beach.

The plan was to decorate it, but now, when it’s assembled, I feel it’s pretty enough.

I took the pictures the day after I made it, it has withered a little, which is an advantage as it hangs on the wall better. I am not sure though, what it’s going to look like, say, in two weeks, indoors and without water. It would be nice if it lasts till the Christmas day.

And it’s multipurpose – the leaves will go in the dye pot once it’s glory is gone.

wreth b


2 thoughts on “winter decoration

  1. lovely! this type of thing- handmade, natural, creative, affordable & above all GREEN in color- is what I think is best about holiday decor

    • Thank you, Caitlin. I thought of you on several occasions – and your recent mention of the love of the green color.The fresh green color of the wreth also reminded me how in Slovakia indoor plants have always been a big part of a home, often grown from friend’s cuttings…

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